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Sayla Music Academy


Our Values

Sayla Music Academy is dedicated to the cultivation of strong communities through quality music education and engaging music performances. We offer one-on-one private lessons that improve cognitive skills, build responsibility, enhance dedication, and relieve stress. Students have the opportunity to participate in group ensembles that promote positive social interactions and builds self-confidence through regular solo and group performances. By developing musical skills, students can learn to succeed in expression, problem solving, and overall learning.

In addition to the benefits of learning music, we offer a beautiful courtyard venue for community and private events. The courtyard is an intimate space for the community to gather and build relationships based around music, art, workshops, and life events. You will be immersed within a vibrant music culture of passionate teachers, dedicated leaders, and creative minds.


I want to thank Sayla Music Academy for all the hard work they put into teaching our children. They are knowledgeable, kind, patient and so unbelievably dedicated. These kids are working so hard, learning SO much and having a wonderful time!!! I had the chills at rehearsal tonight and I am so excited to see how far these young musicians have come!!

Naomi Kersh-Goerzen / Parent of violin student





Why Study Music?

Playing an instrument can have a positive impact on your brain and body at any age. Learning to play a musical instrument is unique because it can increase multiple sensory, cognitive, and motor systems simultaneously.

Learning an instrument also has the potential to improve listening skills, decrease stress, improve cognitive skills, increase patience, instill perseverance, improve social skills, refine time-management skills, increase creativity, lower blood pressure, improve memory, and improve self-esteem.

It’s also REALLY FUN!


Our Programs

At Sayla Music Academy students can participate in many different ways. One on one lessons are very important and build the foundation for a successful life with music. Group Courses and Ensembles provide the community and social aspect that amplifies the learning experience and helps students build friendships in creative ways.


One-on-one private Lessons

We believe that private instruction is imperative to learning a musical instument. Our qualified teachers will guide you through the exciting and challenging journey through regular weekly training and music that will build a foundation of a life-long musician. Private lesssons are available for all ages for piano, voice, guiter, violin, cello, ukulele, viola, bass, flute, drums, and other instruments upon request and availability.

Ensembles and Group Courses

Music is best when it is shared with others! We provide the opportunity to play with other musicians by participating in group ensembles. Playing with other musicans allows for students to grow musically as well as provides a positive social learning envirnoment for all ages. We off youth and adult Choir and Orchestra for string players and vocalist to participate and perform in.

We also feature seasonal group courses that focus on a specific musical concepts.

Prelude Toddler Classes

Prelude Toddlers is a 30 minute music and movement class that not only teaches children music, but promotes your child's physical development, listening and communication skills, social and emotional development, and creativity. This is a group setting with where students learn the fundamentals about music. Prelude students will eventually graduate into a private 15 minute or 30 minute lesson as they mature!

Venue and performances

Between our two victorian style houses that make up our campus is a charming courtyard venue. We use this venue seasonally and rent it out for weddings or private events. Students can participate at concerts there such as our open mics and guest artists can be seen performing during the summer!


Get Involved

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Volunteer opportunities

If you are looking for ways to be more involved, then you should consider becoming a Sayla Volunteer! Volunteers help out at events and will get special opportunities to be involved with our culture.

Hire a Performer

Need a musician for an upcoming event or wedding? We connect many of our clients with our teachers who are fantastic performers. Ensembles and soloists are available upon request for all types of events so book a teacher today!